If you would like to check whether your Hospital or GP Surgery or Council has booked a BSL Interpreter for you, please click on CHECK YOUR BSL INTERPRETER and enter the information needed.

If you would like to give us feedback about an interpreter or a booking that took place, please click on GIVE FEEDBACK FOR BSL SERVICE and enter the information needed.


The above features have been developed to improve the communication between the Deaf Community and Pearl Linguistics in the UK.

It is extremely important for us at Pearl Linguistics to know that your NHS Trust or Local Authority has booked an interpreter for you prior to your visit to the Hospital or GP or Council.

Over the last 10 years, we have heard endless times from BSL speaking members of public that lack of interpreters during their hospital visit risks their health and creates unbearable anxiety. Although Pearl has managed to book over 99% of all BSL interpreter requests in the last year, due to some bookings not being communicated to Pearl by some hospital and council staff, we know more deaf people suffer every day due to a lack of BSL interpreters.

Our aim is to bring this unfortunate situation to an end, at least in our contract regions.

Booking a BSL Interpreter for you is your NHS doctor’s or nurse’s responsibility (or Council staff’s if the booking is with a local authority). Although we are unable to accept BSL Interpreter requests directly from you, we can still help by checking if a booking is made by the Hospital/Clinic or Council with Pearl Linguistics. If we cannot find a BSL Interpreter booking for you in our system, we can contact the Trust or Council on your behalf to request your interpreter.

If we can find your booking in the system, then you can go to your appointment with the peace of mind of knowing there will be an interpreter waiting!